Weiner: Insurance industry report illustrates need for public option

Posted Oct 12, 2009, 9:32 AM PT by Jed Lewison • First broadcast: Oct 12, 2009

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) says a new report by AHIP claiming the Baucus bill will increase health insurance costs by 111% illustrates the importance of a public option for reducing costs:

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If you have the health care industry complaining that we’re going to raise costs because of these changes, it is them putting us on notice that we haven’t put enough cost containment in the bill. You know, the health care industry themselves is putting out a whole report saying that. That should be a tell to the Baucus team that you know what, maybe it’s time for them to go back and revisit the public option.

In a strange way, and look, obviously they didn’t mean this, the health insurance lobby today fired the most important salvo in weeks for the public option, because they have said, as clear as day, left to their own devices, according to their own number crunchers, they’re going to raise rates 111%. And that’s why, you know we have a petittion at CountdownToHealthCare.com where we’re telling people for the moderates in the Senate, the so-called moderates, and for the White House, we need the public option, and the health care industry is making our argument for us.