How to pronounce ‘Cheney’: Liz vs. Lynne and Chris Matthews

Posted May 22, 2009, 10:53 AM PT by Jed Lewison

Media Matters catches a funny one: Liz Cheney is taking Chris Matthews to task for mispronouncing her surname…but according to Lynne Cheney, Matthews is right — Cheney does rhyme with “meanie” (as opposed to “rainy”).

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Video transcript:

[HARDBALL, 5/21/09]

MATTHEWS: Back to today’s main event, former Vice President Dick Chee-ney, and that’s how the family pronounces it…

[MORNING JOE, 5/22/09]

GEIST: We need to set the record straight on something. Chris Matthews says it’s pronounced “Chee-ney” and the family pronounces it that way. Liz Chaney, how do you pronounce your last name?

LIZ CHENEY: I pronounce it “Chain-ey”. And it has been quite sometime, maybe ever since Cheney was at any Cheney family events.

[THE DIANE REHM SHOW, October 16, 2007]

REHM: So you pronounce it at this point as “Chee-ney”?

CHENEY: Yes, and Dick’s family always has said “Chee-ney.” Most people say “Chain-ey”, I think it’s out of politeness. They think it sounds better maybe. There are some family members who say Cheney, but for us it’s always been Chee-ney. People just don’t hear it. That’s very interesting that you caught it.