Porn star vs. Vitter: “What I do is legal, what he did is not”

Posted May 6, 2009, 11:38 AM PT by Jed Lewison • First broadcast: May 6, 2009

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is moving closer to challenging U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-La.), the senator who got caught up in the D.C. madam prostitution ring.

CNN interviewed Daniels this morning.


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CHETRY: Welcome back to the Most News in the Morning.

She got her start in porn, and now, she’s thinking about politics. Adult film star Stormy Daniels is considering running for Senate against Louisiana Senator David Vitter in 2010. Now, Vitter, you may remember, was link to the D.C. madam and her services back in 2007. Daniels has launched what she’s called a listening tour in Louisiana. She visited Baton Rouge yesterday; New Orleans, she’s going to later today, but she joins us first.

Stormy, great to have you with us this morning. Thanks for being with us. All right. So…

STORMY DANIELS, CONSIDERING U.S. SENATE BID: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

CHETRY: You are considering this possible Senate run in Louisiana against Senator David Vitter, and he is infamous, I guess you could say, for his link to the D.C. madam, the woman who ran that prostitution ring.

So, as a former porn star, is there a little bit of irony here?

DANIELS: I think so. I think that’s one of the things that people find kind of entertaining about the whole thing.

But you’ve got to remember, what I do is legal and what he did is not. So, yes, I think that people will find it very interesting. I hear the word karma a lot.

CHETRY: And are you — you are still going to file the papers yet, right? How seriously are you considering this run for Senate?

DANIELS: Well, I’m seriously considering it. That’s whole reason why I’m here this week during the listening tour. I think that before I can decide whether or not I’m going to move forward with actually campaigning and undertaking a possible candidacy, I want to do the responsible thing and do a listening tour so I can get a better feel of the people here really want me to do. CHETRY: And so, you had your first experience with that yesterday, right? You were in Baton Rouge. What was the reaction from people? Are they taking you seriously and do they hold your past in adult film against you?

DANIELS: You know what? I’m — I was really, really overwhelmed by how positive and how good the turnout was yesterday. Every seat in the place was taken. There is tons of news there. Everyone had very serious, positive questions for me.

I was expecting at least a little bit of controversy, but surprisingly, there was none. And everyone’s question seemed to be very serious.

CHETRY: And so, what are they — what did you tell them when they were seeking answers about, you know, help with the foreclosure situation there, help with job losses. How are — how are you telling them you’re going to be able to make their lives better?

DANIELS: Right. Well, you got to remember this isn’t the actual campaign, this is the listening tour. So, the whole idea of me going there yesterday was, I was supposed to be asking the questions to them. I wanted to get their feedback so that I could decide what my platform was going to be on each of those topics.

I was very impressed with the turnout. I was very pleased with turnout, and the response. But I was — quite honestly, I was a little disappointed that more people didn’t speak up and let me know what their issues were. I think they were very intimidated by the amount of television crews and cameras that were in the room.

Of course, everybody wanted know to how I felt about taxes. A couple of people wanted to know about David Vitter and the same that I said yesterday was, I wasn’t really there to talk about him. I’ve done enough of that. If they had questions about David Vitter, then they have to go and talk to David Vitter about that.

But overall, I mean, I’m here to listen to decide what their opinions are.

CHETRY: So, you’re — you’ve got this Web site up or at least people who are supporting you, They say that it’s a chance to start with a clean slate elect a representative we can be proud of, who will work tirelessly, who will change the status quo. If people are saying, “OK, well, maybe that, you know, this isn’t a joke,” maybe it sounds like a joke in the beginning, what do you say to them and convince you — to convince them that you’d make a good senator?

DANIELS: Like the whole draft story came about, like I said before, I had nothing to do with it. I largely ignored the situation in the beginning, and the only reason why I am moving forward and I’m sitting here talking to you guys today is because everyone is encouraging me and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback.

And the only thing I have to say to people is, you know, I don’t have a hidden personal agenda or political agenda. This wasn’t my idea. I’m strictly doing it because I have been called to the duty for nothing else. And I think that by taking the steps in this listening tour and really listening to what people have to say and what their concerns and their issues are, and forming a way to help them with these things, I think that they’re really beginning to take this seriously.

Anyone who knows me and has worked with me in any of the businesses that I’ve been involved in before knows that never take anything lightly. I work extremely hard. I’m always up for a good fight. And I don’t undertake anything that I don’t think that I can be the best at.

CHETRY: All right, well, good luck to you, Stormy. And let us know if you decide to officially throw your hat in the ring as Louisiana’s new senator. Thanks so much for being with us - John.

DANIELS: Thank you.