Religious right leader touts Rick Santorum surge, says Mitt Romney 'dissed' evangelicals

President Obama on Republican accusations of appeasement: ‘Ask Osama bin Laden’

December 8

Mitt Romney’s nervous laugh

December 2 — Now that Newt Gingrich has soared to front-runner status, it looks like Mitt Romney has developed himself a nervous laugh:…

Mitt Romney says he ‘just finished’ reading the same book … six months apart

November 30

Herman Cain alleges ‘network’ of enemies out to get him, hedges on supporting Mitt Romney as nominee

November 11

Herman Cain’s fake apology for referring to former Speaker Pelosi as ‘Princess Nancy’

November 10

Top Herman Cain aide Mark Block falsely claims campaign has ‘confirmed’ accuser’s son works for Politico

November 9

Chris Wallace calls out Mitt Romney for being only Republican candidate to duck Sunday show interview

October 31

Mitt Romney flip-flops again on Ohio ballot issue flip-flop

October 26

Mitt Romney hedges on ballot initiative that he traveled to Ohio to support

October 25

Mitch McConnell hilariously claims Republicans aren’t sabotaging the economy to hurt Obama politically

October 24

See Mitt Romney say his health care reform plan would be good for the nation

October 20

Sarah Palin goes on a rant about how debate moderators should force candidates to answer questions

October 19 — Must be she she’s already forgotten about 2008:…

Mike Huckabee: North Dakota’s oil reserves could dwarf Saudi Arabia’s

October 14

McCain vows to ‘nullify’ debt deal if super committee fails

October 13